HIGH SPECIFICITY Secured by targeting the DNA conservative sequence of ORFx Prevents analysis failure caused by the occurrence of mutations (including safe detection of core and pre-core mutants) Detection of all HBV genotypes A – H PRECISE QUANTITATIVE DETECTION Precise and fully traceable quantification according to WHO International HBV DNA Standard NIBSC 10/266 Excellent results in EQA panel testing (QCMD, INSTAND) CONTAMINATION ELIMINATION Single tube Ready to use Master Mix contains Uracil DNA N-glycosylase (UNG) and dUTPs eliminating possible contamination with amplification product HIGH SENSITIVITY Sensitivity was established with certified strain (HBV NIBSC 10/266) Ensures excellent sensitivity reaches up to 13.9 IU/ml SINGLE TUBE READY-TO-USE MASTER MIX Contains all components for PCR amplification No additional pipetting of PCR reagents necessary Reduces the need for qualified laboratory staff Ensures reproducibility of results