NARGIS Medical specialises in producing world class diagnostic and healthcare consumable products together with a generic pharma range of affordable medicines. Headquartered in London. UK, with regional operations across many of the continents including Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia & Far East with long term cooperation and partnerships with various R&D and manufacturers, enables us to empower a better healthcare for today and for tomorrow for everyone, without any compromises.


Our vision is to be one of the leading organisations addressing the widest communities in developing and emerging nations with the best quality solutions at affordable prices in healthcare Our mission is to provide solutions to present healthy life to humanity under our statement of technologies to empower a better tomorrow, taking advantage of cutting edge advancements with our international specialists partners and in line with the international standards in the healthcare sector With an excellent choice of products, it enables us to serve the healthcare providers and their patients with better, safer and effective diagnostics and treatments which are affordable and effective, irrespective of status.


Our core values include innovation, integrity, care and passion with which we provide unique and effective solutions for the healthcare sector with innovative ideas, new technologies and investments. Coupled with high moral principles in every stage of our operations valuing our stakeholders whilst taking care of human life and respecting the society and the environment and trying to do our best to be the first choice for our customers which is our passion.