• SKU: LBTCH-EV400

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With an innovative and ergonomic design, the LabTech EV400 rotary evaporator includes a color digital display and adjustable control knob to monitor and control rotation speed and temperature and offers an innovative design to prevent corrosion and splashing.

The EV400 is designed to operate on 115V/60Hz with a standard 115V US plug for use with similar electrical requirements.

The unit offers vertical motorized lift and has the option for online sample adding through a PTFE valve, granting high efficiency and easy operation.

The color digital display and adjustable control knob allows for rotation speed from 20-300rpm. It can handle sample volumes in evaporation flasks ranging from 50-3000mL and has a 5L bath volume.

The stand-alone heating bath supports both oil and water baths, has a temperature range of Ambient - 180°C, and is made from PTFE/Stainless Steel to guarantee safety and easy maintenance.

Safety features include automatic lift-up protection in case of electric power failure.

The Rotary Evaporator will lift up the sample out of the bath to prevent problems in this scenario. The EV400 also has an automatic protection function immediately switches off the unit in dry bath conditions.

PTFE/FKM sealing offers protections against corrosion. Safety clamps are included for safe attachment of collection flask and evaporation flask.

Every LabTech rotary evaporator comes with a 1L evaporating flask, 1L receiving flask and vertical condenser as standard. Other glassware assembly configurations (larger flasks, diagonal and dry ice condensers, etc.) are available upon request.