HFsafe LC cabinets make ideal investments for a wide range of applications including work with infectious agents that require Biosafety Level 1, 2 or 3 containment.

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Proven Reliability Outstanding safety is assured through a variety of core components and features to improve cleanliness and eliminate sample contamination risk. Energy Efficiency from the motor controller to the lighting, new patent-pending innovations provide significant annual cost savings while maintaining superior performance.

Outstanding Comfort With seven thoughtful features, from the view screen to the work environment and ergonomic design. 

Added Conveniences Packed with convenient features and the largest, unobstructed, usable work area in the industry, there’ s plenty of room for lab equipment and less hassle when managing controls.

Easy to Clean An exceptionally reliable membrane-sealed control panel, and a one-piece work surface featuring radiused, coved corners instead of seams, allows for easy and effective cleaning. 

Certified Performance With an innovative front-access design, on-site validation, customer support packages, Maintenance is quicker and easier.