PRODUCT ADVANTAGES UNIQUE DUAL TARGET DETECTION Prevents analysis failure caused by the appearance of mutants Ensures maximum sensitivity, reaches up to 7.95 IU/ml Ensures maximum specificity CONTAMINATION ELIMINATION Ready-to-Use Master Mix contains Uracil-DNA glycosylase (UNG) and dUTPs eliminating contamination with amplification products INTERNAL RNA CONTROL Controls the whole diagnostic process, i.e. efficiency of RNA extraction, reverse transcription and PCR amplification IC is included in the PCR kit DETECTS THE NEWLY DESCRIBED GENOTYPES 7 AND 8 The kit detects all known HCV genotypes 1–8 SINGLE TUBE READY-TO-USE MASTER MIX Contains all components for PCR amplification No additional PCR reagents pipetting necessary Reduces the need for qualified laboratory staff Ensures reproducibility of the results

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Technical specification

TechnologyOne-Step real-time PCR
Target Analysisqualitative and quantitative 
Target Sequenceconservative region of 5' UTR sequence
Analytical SpecificityHCV genotype 1–8, 100 %
Analytical Sensitivity (LoD)

reaches up to 53.505 IU/ml with the probability of 95 % (on HCV NIBSC 14/150 using manual extraction PathogenFree RNA Isolation Kit)
reaches up to 170.062 IU/ml with the probability of 95% (on HCV NIBSC 14/150 using automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction System)
reaches up to 33.473 IU/ml with the probability of 95% (on Acrometrix HCV-S Panel using Automated NA Extractor)
reaches up to 7.95 IU/ml with the probability of 95 % (on Acrometrix HCV-S Panel using manual extraction Viral Nucleic Acid Kit 1.0 

Diagnostic Specificity  

100 % (CI95 % : 99.07 % - 100 %)

Diagnostic Sensitivity100 % (CI95 % : 95.39 % - 100 %)