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Diaper rash is a nuisance to every mother and is a baby’s bane. As your baby’s skin is extremely delicate, it is necessary to change diapers as soon as they become wet to prevent diaper rash. Use mild baby wipes to clean the skin area and then, thoroughly dry the skin. Our Baby Wipes are silky soft to gently clean and moisturize baby’s delicate diaper area.

•NARGIS Aloe Vera and Vitamin-e Baby Wipes is a must-have for every mother to provide daily care to baby's delicate skin.

•Improved Baby Wipes with Organic Extracts of Aloe Vera for Better Moisture and Soothing Relief.

•The soothing properties of the extract help to calm irritated skin.

•Aloe Vera is a natural relaxant and soothing agent for baby's skin.

•A single wipe pops up every time and there is no chained wipes . This provides convenience for mothers and prevents wastage of wipes.

•The soothing properties of the extract help to calm irritated skin.

•Purified Water is used as the base of formulation.

•NARGIS Baby Wipes and Wet Tissues are quality checked with Microbiological Test to ensure that they are FREE from harmful bacteria and fungi.

•The wipes contains no artificial fragrance.

•The wipes are made with soft and smooth fabric that is ideal to be used on baby's delicate skin daily.

•These wipes are 100% Alcohol-Free and can be used daily without drying up baby's tender skin.