Sterilisation Systems


  • The control system is easy to use and can be programmed via the keypad on the touch screen.
  • The keypad on the touch screen also allows the user to select any program, start and stop the sterilization cycle.
  • Our steam sterilizers are a project supported by TÜBİTAK and provide A quality energy saving.
  • Our steam sterilizers are equipped with an electronic pressure transducer to precisely preserve the required pressure values against changes in ambient pressure.


  • Designed for maximum sterilization at low temperatures, the GOLDBERG® S-MAX® series, with its scientific and technological innovations, provides excellent results under the most difficult conditions.
  • Highest quality components are used to manufacture this device in order to provide a sustained high performance over many years.
  • Maximum Speed: Sterilization takes only 18 minutes with “NoLumen E program”.
  • Maximum Control: Advanced microprocessor control allows fully automated operation