Oxygen Generating Systems

Today, oxygen is supplied as liquid in a tank and filling tube. Liquid oxygen is supplied by means of transporting pressurized cylinders or by filling into large storage tanks in the area to be used. Transport with large, heavy and pressurized tubes is risky. Oxygen cylinders are dangerous because they are high pressure, and have the potential to burn and explode.

Expensive: Transportation is carried out only through but the road and seasonal conditions may be risky and increase the costs, as well as labor costs.

Dangerous: There is no leakage warning in the tubes. Liquid oxygen and cylinders are explosive. They are stored in pressurized tubes by compres- sion. Explosion in the event of contact with flammable substances (oil, etc.) may have fatal consequences.

High Losses: 20% to 30% losses are observed in liquid oxygen in tubes and tanks due to temperature changes.ubes and tanks due to temperature changes.

Our OXYGOLD - Medical Oxygen Production & Storage System is practical, safe, economical and healthy