Disinfection Systems

With a 4-ply wash aparate, it is possible to add up to 300 general-purpose materials together with aparata added to wash the materials in the canal and recessed structure.

Includes a 3-deck washing apparatus and an anesthetic accessory and apparatus system that allows washing of materials.

It can take up to 4 containers in a complex structure with washing device for material containers.

Equipped with a 4-ply washing apparatus with 72 items in the canal and recessed structure and 300 items of general purpose equipment.

General Features:

  • Central Sterilization Units (CSU) is a washing, disinfection and drying device designed for places such as operating room and anesthesia units where quality, capacity, flexibility and complex transaction volume and expectations are very high.

  • It provides a functional and precise solution for high-quality washing, disinfection and drying of all kinds of surgical materials, hoses, bottles, glassware and etc.

  • The device ensures that the materials to be washed are always totally cleaned.

  • The device is very easy to use with its ergonomic design, economical operation and maintenance costs, simple and functional display screen and has the ability to monitor and record all process data with the aid of a computer that can be connected externally to the device.

Other Features

  • 10 + 90 programs and touch screen
  • 2 + 2 (optional) dosing pump for chemical consumables, equipped with Ad., Flow Meter and liquid level sensor
  • Pump Pressure Control
  • Pre-filter F-class
  • Hepa filter H14
  • Control sensor for HEPA drying filter
  • Entry point for external temperature sensor
  • Water sampling valve
  • Sensor for automatic loading tool recognition
  • Cabinet lighting
  • RS 232 port Internal steam condenser (Optional)
  • Built-in water softening system (Optional)
  • Internal printer (Optional)